Admediary Generates 100,000th Investor Lead

Posted in August 27, 2018 by

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Admediary LLC, a leader in online performance marketing, has surpassed 100,0000 investor leads generated on a cost per acquisition basis. In less than two years of marketing and technological expansion within the finance vertical, Admediary has developed many strong demand generation partnerships in crowdfunding, precious metals, and real estate investing.

Admediary focuses on providing the advertiser with investor leads on a CPA (cost-per-action) basis to deliver ROI-focused results. Most companies in the investing vertical offer advertisers expensive inventory on a CPM (cost per thousand) or CPC (cost per click) basis, which does not guarantee any investor leads for their marketing spend and typically puts them at a huge loss. The goal is to disrupt that model with proper media planning and financial accountability so that Admediary becomes the performance marketing agency of choice for the vertical.

“It is certainly a great achievement within a challenging vertical, but 100,000 leads are just the start. We see a huge need for CPA based campaigns for companies that seek investors for their products and services, and we intend to roll this out to a wider financial audience that is in dire need of new investment opportunities” said Peter Klein, President & COO of Admediary.

Earlier this year, the launch of the Admediary SiteROI technology helped increase performance results for clients. This technology has helped the Admediary team optimize the right targets for companies that seek investors, spanning clients with products and services in gold and silver, real estate, sports, food and beverage, entertainment, solar energy, and technology.