Custom Solutions

Admediary builds custom solutions for both Advertisers and Publishers alike. We take a consultative approach to build successful marketing campaigns.  Since we are both an advertiser and a publisher, we know how to make both sides of the equation work from achieving ROI targets, to compliance, and marketing campaign performance goals.  We have the statistics and the experience to support everything we do. We invest in our own technology, operations, creative,  media buying, and business development teams to makes us a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs.

Creative Services

We specialize in desktop and mobile-responsive email and banner creative, landing pages, and micro-sites that will be tested and improved as quickly and as often as needed. Our methodology is “test, test, test” until we find the right combination of performing assets, and once we find that successful baseline, we create new designs to exceed the performance of the best marketing assets.  What’s more, we will teach you incremental ways to monetize your website to offset your marketing costs.

Email Marketing

Admediary owns and operates over 30 websites, therefore we have our own internal email lists from these sites that we manage directly. Unlike most companies, we do not let others access our data, as it is a valuable asset for campaign performance.  It provides Admediary with immediate and unlimited distribution power along with the ability to regularly test creative assets and landing pages at no cost to advertisers. Coupled with our compliance and validation services, our data driven focus helps us deliver significant email volumes of targeted products and services to the consumer inbox.

Push Notifications

Push notifications allow website owners to re-engage and monetize site visitors. They are short messages sent to opt-in consumers from a website that appears on both desktop and mobile devices. It is a simple and incremental revenue stream for your business which Admediary manages at no cost to your company. We handle everything including subscriber management, scheduling, copywriting, notification sending, offer testing and optimization, and opt-out and compliance management. You get to earn incremental revenue just for letting us do the work!

Social Media

Social media is a great channel for targeted lead generation and scalable volume for any campaign. Admediary’s dedicated team will help you get exposure on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, which are critical for finding interested consumers with proper geographic targeting. We can also target demographics such as income, gender, city, zip code, homeowner status, and much more.  Let us build out the creative assets, handle the copy writing, and conduct front and back-end testing – all with your approval. Then we can provide statistics and work on optimization of the campaign.


Admediary brings search marketing experience that dates back to the creation of search engines like Google and Bing (Yahoo!), so we are always up to date with the latest rules to ensure content relevancy and performance. We use a variety of technologies for optimizing paid and organic traffic, and will conduct an existing campaign review, new campaign management, and detailed keyword performance analytics from our certified accounts. The combination of proper search engine marketing and search engine optimization techniques with our superior performance marketing capabilities such as email, display and social marketing, re-marketing and retargeting, will ultimately generate to more traffic, brand awareness, customers, and therefore desired ROI.


Mobile usage is continuing to grow every year, and consumers want immediate answers at their fingertips. It is therefore critical to make sure you can also drive real-time, inbound calls to your sales team. Admediary can help generate compliant, inbound calls and track sales performance by source. All media channels have the ability to generate calls during the business hours you choose, and you only need to pay for interested consumers.  Keeping a healthy mix of web leads and inbound calls is the right recipe for success on almost any campaign, and Admediary will help you create that balance. 

Phone Verification

Our internal call center team understands how the call center industry operates, and we have the ability to optimize web leads with outbound phone calls to validate leads and yield higher conversions. Adding this layer of verification to marketing efforts will help ensure only the highest quality leads will be called on from your sales and customer service representatives. With a consumer on the phone, we can also set appointments in your CRM system or even pass them to you via a warm transfer. We are also skilled in surveying the lead in order to generate additional information to greatly increase value.  We can even consult you on script development and sales techniques utilized in our own best practices.