Surviving M & A Life

Posted on August 23, 2018 by

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Thought Leadership from Peter Klein, President & COO of Admediary

The performance marketing industry has undergone massive change within the last 2 years, possibly more than any period within the decade. Many performance marketing companies are merging or are being acquired for strategic purposes. Perhaps the biggest trend is that a number of large companies have gone into aggressive acquisition mode, which has left an interesting gap in the middle. It seems as if either you are a large (> 250 employees) or a small performance marketing company (< 25 employees), with a relatively small few left in between at this point in time.

Most importantly, where does this leave the modern day employee? The age of loyalty and our parents holding the same job for 35 years at a blue chip company are long gone. To be an employee in this era you must have thick skin, and I’d therefore like to help pass along some nuggets of wisdom accumulated over 20 years to help deal with the toughest thing for most humans – change!
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